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No Limits Diving Flying Enterprise Expedition 1952-2002

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No Limits Divings expedition to the wreck of the SS Flying Enterprise is completed. The expedition took place in the period of June 30th to July 5th 2002 and despite harsh weather conditions we managed to dive the wreck. The expedition was hammered by strong gales in 3 of the planned 4 days of diving. July 4th saw a combined team of danish and english divers diving the wreck of the Flying Enterprise.

Flying Enterprise
Captain Carlsen
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Safety Concerns
Team FE 2002
The Dive
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No Limits Diving goes NGC - the documentary "Mystery of the Flying Enterprise" sold to National Geographic Channel !


The Flying Enterprise is lying in 84 meters of water and the dives were done using trimix. During the 60 minute decompression 2 different nitrox mixtures were utilized. No incidents occured during the dives and all went as planned. It was only the 3-4 meter waves that made it a bit difficult for the diving team. Conditions were really marginal.

As always safety was of utmost importance. During the staged decompression the trimix divers were assisted by a safety diver. On board the diving vessel a complete safety setup was established in case needed. In all we went out prepared in case a situation should occur but fortunately none of these precautions were needed during the expedition.

The expedition was filled with toys and gadgets. Besides the diving equipment that was to be used for the trimix dives we also brought in a lot of video equipment in order to do the documentation of the wreck. A ROV was also brought in to do an inspection of the wreck.

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