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As described previously the purpose of the expedition was to dive the wreck of Captain Carlsens ship in the 50th year of the sinking. This objective was achived eventhough we only managed to dive the wreck one day. And eventhough almost a year of planning only payed off with one dive, we're all quite happy about it and after all the team did dive the wreck. Fortunately the wreck is still there for future expeditions.
The diving team consisted of Christian Sloth from No Limits Diving and the diving crew from the Loyal Watcher. A full description of the dive can be read here.
The Flying Enterprise is lying at a depth of 84 meters (252 FSW). The depth on top of the wreck is 69 meters (207 FSW). The wreck was lying on the port side on a dark and muddy seabed. Almost like it did when it was capsized on the surface. The diving team came down in the stern and managed to get a good view of the stern area and the cargo holds. From here the divers proceeded towards the bridge area where they saw several original features. The allotted dive time was kept at 20 minutes due to the strong tides, waves and general safety precautions. This limited time allowed the team to inspect about half the size of the wreck. Following a lengthy decompression the team was back on the surface after a dive lasting 106 minutes. The first danish dive on Captain Carlsens "Skæve skib" had come to an end. Unfortunately the weather decided that this was to be the only dive for us on this expedition.
But the expedition had another mission which was not achieved successfully. As we did only one dive we were not able to get a sufficient amount of underwater video footage to secure the planned tv documentary. But the brits saved us. On a second trip where neither No Limits Diving nor any from the tv-crew participated, a team of expert divers from the Starfish Enterprise, managed to get excellent footage from the wreck. The underwater part of the tv documentary was home safe.
A big big "thank you guys" is hereby forwarded from No Limits Diving !

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