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One of the most important objectives of the project was to perform a documentation of the state of the wreck. The documentation was done with underwater video systems and the footage was also a vital part of the planned tv program. The footage was made by the diving team during the dive to the wreck and the latest SONY equipment was brought in from Japan to get the job done.
With only limited diving time on our hands (20-25 minuts a day) the footage done by the team was supplemented by recordings made by an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). With this approach we would be able to get even more pictures from the wreck. Due to the weather conditions it was not possible to use the ROV at the wreck site as the 3-4 meter wawes made it impossible to keep the ship fixed over the wreck. Thus no recordings or surveys of the wreck or it's interior were made using the ROV during the expedition.



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