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"Mystery of Flying Enterprise" - on National Geographic Channel

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The commercial broadcasting rights to the english version of the documentary "Det skæve skib" - "Mystery of Flying Enterprise", were handed over to National Geographic Channel in november 2003. This was a great achievement and an international acknowledgement to the program and the idea that form the base for the making of the documentary. The idea to the documentary origins from No Limits Diving, and we're very pleased to find that our ideas and projects has such great storytelling potentials that it ends up being accepted by National Geographic.
The deal with National Geographic has however resulted in misinformation. A british diver (no name required he know who we adress) states on his website that the expedition that was held during July 1st to July 5th was arranged by National Geographic.
This is wrong !
Eventhough it might sound more glamorous the expedition was never a National Geographic expedition, and was never even subject to be.
The No Limits Diving Flying Enterprise Expedition 1952-2002 was initiated, planned and executed by No Limits Diving, which is also clearly documented on our website.

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