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Based upon initial contacts to the Carlsen relatives and crew members from Flying Enterprise and the Turmoil we began planning a series of more in-depth interviews. The purpose of the interviews was primarily to gather more first hand information about what had happened during the 13 days at sea. Second the interviews were also to be used in the tv program where the personal experiences would create a strong link from present day and back in time.
Sadly we quickly learned that Carlsen had passed away in October 1989 but our researcher successfully managed to locate the whereabouts of Carlsens widow, his two daughters and the ships 3rd engineer Richard Cosaro. Again our researcher Thomas Prakash did an excellent job in setting up the interviews in a structured and effective schedule and planning the entire trip to the US for us. A trip that took us to Detroit (Michigan), Chicago (State of Illinois) and New York City.
I personally would like to send my warmest thoughts and deepest greetings to Mrs. Agnes Carlsen and her two daughters Sonia Carlsen Fedak and Karen Carlsen Mueller who all opened their homes and shared their memories to us. We were treated with the greatest level of hospitality and the interviews were very interesting. We were gifted with a lot of new information and had a great time during the visit. We wish you all the best and hope to see you back in the US again.
The next interview in the US were made with the former 3rd Engineer Richard Cosaro, who is now living in Naperville a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Cosaro gave us first hand information about the fatal voyage and how the passengers and crew were evacuated from the Flying Enterprise. I’d like to thank Cosaro for this valuable information which gave us information about the final moments of the ship.

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