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Captain Carlsen

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Carlsen in New York
Kurt Carlsen was only 14 years old when he got his first job as a seaman. It had always been his greatest desire to work on board a ship and though they were still a bit reluctant he finally recieved his parents permission to do so.
After a few years service on several cargoships the time came for studies. He joined the school of navigation where Carlsen over the years completed his education as Master.
At the age of 32 he was handed over the command of his first ship and from this day on he did his service for the Danish-American Company Isbrandtsen. It was also for Isbrandtsen he did his final voyage with the Flying Enterprise.
Kurt Carlsen, originally born in Denmark also became an American citizen and did war service under the War Shipping Service.
Carlsen resided in his Woodbridge home in New Jersey with his wife Mrs. Agnes Carlsen and their two daughters Sonja and Karen Carlsen.

Kurt Carlsen passed away October 7th, 1989.

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