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Safety Concerns

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In general
The setup is based on the following facilities:
  • adequate amounts of backup equipment
  • adequate amounts of breathing gasses
  • the use of assisting support divers
  • the dive supervisor
Backup equipment
To minimize the risk for a fatal error if a gas failure or total gas loss occur, we used a combined setup of spare gasses and the "drop bottle" system. As always each diver would carry all the gas needed to complete the dive and the decompression and extra gas was available from the assisting support divers.
Gas design
The bottom gas used was a trimix blend of 15 % oxygen and 50 % helium. EAN32 og EAN80 was used as decompression gas.
Assisting support divers
During the acent the gas divers were monitored by an assisting support diver in around 30-36 meters. Here the first gas switch was planned to be made. The support diver followed the trimix diving team to the final gas swith at 9 meters.
Dive Supervisor
The Dive Supervisor had full control of the dive plan, time in, time out and where and when to put support divers in and out of the water.

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