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The preparations began in august 2001 where I presented the idea to Christian Sloth who is one of the most experienced technical divers in Scandinavia. He was immediately hooked and we slated a couple of expedition dates into our schedules. Christian also made a few quick calculations on his laptop to get an idea about the diving profiles for the 82 msw (250 fsw) dives. By the look of his face it would be some nice dives with a reasonable bottom/hangtime ratio.

Since the offsetting my idea slowly progressed and I began to think; why not do a television documentary about the historical background and the dives to the wreck ? From my point of view this story had all the elements and aspects required for a tv documentary.

It had the historical aspect, the 50th anniversary for the sinking, a Danish captain who had done an extraordinary job and the following greetings and receptions where Carlsen was honoured in London, New York and Denmark. In short - the perfect story !

After preparing the project proposal I decided to go for a deal by contacting Lasse Spang Olsen. I hoped that he would be interested in doing the program. I mid February 2002 we were appointed to a meeting with DRTV for a brief discussion of the project. The meeting was a success and we left with an agreement on hand. It was a great relief achieving this and we headed home with a huge load of tasks to take care of. From this point forward the project really gained momentum.

Next step was to get a proper diving vessel for the job. I had originally booked a day boat which would have been more than suitable for a bunch of divers like us. But with a television crew consisting of 3-4 persons with all their stuff added to the project team, the need for a bigger boat was of no discussion. It was time to go big. So the Seeker option was terminated and I decided to carry the project into another level of commitment by chartering the absolute premier technical diving vessel in the UK, the MV Loyal Watcher. Previously we had used this excellent diving vessel during our North Sea Expedition to the wrecks of the Battle of Jutland and by using the Loyal Watcher the chance for success was multiplied. After a while I got the final go from my good friend Richard Stevenson, who also were the person who located the wreck in 2001. The Watcher was ours for the project ! With the boat arrangements settled and the agreement on hand the project was consolidated. It was now time to solve a number of logistical matters and to seek sponsors to support the project.
From this point on the project divided into two parallel tracks. One for the tv production and the other for the diving expedition.

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