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Jutland Expedition 2001

Expedition 2

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No Limits Diving did not participate in the second and third Jutland 2001 expedition. We did however support the teams with marks for new Jutland wrecks and in order to get the entire picture of the 2001 expeditions, we have chosen to bring a brief resumé.
The trip got a nice start in  diving the HMS "Indefatigable", lying damaged in 52 meters of water. The visibility was +20 meters and with a wreck never dived before everybody on board was very happy. Later the expedition team members dived the "Frauenlob" where they managed to retrieve the bell from the wreck. The inscription read "FRAUENLOB 1902" - no doubt about the ships identity this time. Following these two nice results the team headed north to do some more dives on the "Invincible". Here they also managed to locate and dive another british wreck, the "Nestor/Nomad" (established in 2002 to be HMS "Nomad"). Also here it was first time the wreck was discovered and visited since it vanished for exactly 85 years ago.
After this weather went bad and after 4 days of waiting in Thyboroen Harbour a break in the wind came and made it possible to finish the trip doing some more dives on the "Invincible".

Expedition 3/2001