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Jutland Expedition 2001


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The expedition was conducted successfully during the period of 28th April to 6th May 2001. During the expedition we managed to locate and visit the wrecks of the German battleships "Lützow" and "Frauenlob", and the British ships "Queen Mary", "Invincible", "Black Prince" and an unknown wreck that was leter identified as the HMS "Indefatigable".
The expedition performed 16 dives to the wrecks, which were located during the expedition. We did a side scan sonar survey of the British battle cruiser "Invincible". The survey gave good and clear information of the wreck site, and how the wreck actually is situated on the seabed. This kind of information will pay off during future dives on the wreck.
We also made a thorough sounder survey on the battleship "Queen Mary". The wreck is damaged but still in good condition. The wreck will definitely be target for future side scan survey. The position where the battleship "Elbing" (Ge) was reported lost were also examined, but with no luck. This wreck is still to be located.
During the following 2 expeditions this year, in which No Limits Diving did not participate but supplied the teams with positions for new wrecks the wrecks of the HMS "Defence" and the HMS "Nomad" was successfully located. The expeditions were also able to successfully identify the wreck of the HMS "Indefatigable", that was located during No Limits Divings expedition. A big salute to Deep Blue Diving with skipper Steve in front for the great results.

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