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SS Norge

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Photo: Mariners Museum, Newport News, Virginia, US

SS Norge was built in 1881 at Alexander Stephens & Sons in Clyde, Glasgow. The ship had a displacement of 3.358 GRT and 2.444 NRT and measured 320,04 feet by 36,5 feet. On June 18, 1881 the new ship was handed over to the White Cross Line in Antwerpen (Belgium) where it served under the name Pieter de Conninck. In 1889 the ship was sold to the Danish Thingvalla Line which at that time had a large amount of ships operating in the emmigrant transport between Scandinavia and America. The ship was subsequently renamed Norge. In 1898 the DFDS bought the Thingvalla Line, their ships and thus also the Norge.

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