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Battle of Jutland

Battleships Lost

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The Battle of Jutland saw a lot of tragic incidents and tremendous disasters. But the sinking of the "Invincible", "Indefatigable", "Defence" and "Queen Mary" was by far the largest of them all.
All 4 battleships was hitten directly by a shell in one of the gun turrets which was one of the absolute weakest parts of the british ships. Once a ship received a hit in that region the fire was allowed to spread further down and into the ammunition chamber resulting in a quick and deadly result. Every one of the 4 ships was destroyed in a series of explosions that ignited inside the ship and quickly spread for and aft.
This kind of problems with the German ships were prevented by a special designed mechanism that prevented fire to travel into the magasins. The Germans had learned their lesson after the Battle of Dogger Bank where they lost the "Blücher" in the same way as the british did during the Battle of Jutland. As a consequence of the loss of the "Blücher" the german engineers developed a firewall to prevent further and similar problems.
Had the british ships been designed the same way as the german ships the "Invincible", "Indefatigable", "Defence" and "Queen Mary" would probably not have been subject to these large explosions in which more than 4.000 british mariners perished.