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Project "Battle of Jutland" 2000

The project that blew away...

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During the period from 4th August to 10th August 2000, the Danish divers from No Limits Diving went to dive the wrecks from the Battle of Jutland. The weather conditions made it impossible to put to sea and no dives were made during the project period.
Months of endless preparations and painstaking logistics were literally blown across the North Sea as the wind rose and the waves crashed against the harbour pier to which our diving vessel was secured.
The divers waited a whole week for the weather to change to the better but a break never came. After this the entire team cancelled the project for this time and went back home empty handed with no dives logged except those done in the nearby swimming pool.
Although we didn’t dived the wrecks, the team had a great time during the project period. A lot of time was spent on planning the dives, which never came and to generally have a good time doing nothing.
The project will be on going and the next expedition to the Battle of Jutland wrecks are planned to take place in the spring of 2001.

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